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Script Writing

Script Writing



Most people don’t know this, but in another timeline, YouTube may not have become the second largest search engine in the world.

When they launched, they wanted to be a video-based dating site. You’d log on, watch videos from potentials, and pick one.

Imagine that.

As history goes, YouTube quickly realised its potential and became the online video platform we know today.

Today, 2 billion users from around the world turn to the video platform for content. And sure, comedy sketches and cat videos will always be internet favourites, but so will more serious content.

Google found that 7 in 10 users turn to YouTube to solve a problem related to their job, studies or hobby.

And with the world leaning into video in a big way, savvy copywriters see opportunity. You can carve-out a share of the YouTube video script writing cake.

You see, video scripts are a big deal. Every business creating content for YouTube needs a well-structured message to take to market. Who better than you to be that writer?


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